For Back Pain Relief Choose a Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow

Are you striving for permanent relief from back and neck pain? When experiencing back pain most people immediately rush to a chiropractor instead of finding a solution to the problem. No matter how many expensive medical procedures you undergo, your back pain will keep reoccurring unless you have the right mattress and pillow to sleep on. A doctor can prescribe medication and give you temporary relief whereas a good mattress and shaped throw pillows will keep your spinal cord and neck in the proper position while you sleep and give you lifelong satisfaction. Your mattress and pillow should be able to support your body so that your spinal cord and neck are not strained while you sleep. If there is excessive strain on your neck or spinal cord you will wake up with neck or back pain.

Find the mattress and pillow suitable for your unique body structure

Each person’s body structure is different – so it is important to find a pillow and mattress that is suitable for you, preferably one that moulds itself to the contours of your body. A pillow should not be too high or too low else; your neck muscles will get strained. When your neck muscles get strained it is a sign that you should change your pillow. The same goes for back pain. If you are experiencing back pain it means your mattress is not suitable for your body structure. You may need a soft mattress or a firm one to get a good night’s sleep. Memory foam mattresses that take the shape of your body also provide the right kind of support to people suffering from back and neck problems.

There are a variety of pillow options to consider

If you need to change your pillow there are a variety of different options to consider. Foam, feather filled, orthopedic, memory foam and hypo allergenic, are the different pillows used today. Foam pillows give you a firmer feel whereas feather filled pillows are a lot softer. Orthopedic pillows are customized pillows made for people who suffer from regular neck and back pain. They usually are designed with a slight hollow to accommodate space for your head. Hypo allergenic pillows are made from materials that prevent dust and microbes from collecting to reduce the amount of allergies.

Sound sleep is essential for people to function normally

It is imperative that our body gets peaceful, sound sleep so that we can adequately handle the stress and pressure of day-to-day activities. A person who sleeps on a poorly structured mattress and inferior pillow will not get a good night’s rest and will not be able to function effectively. You should test out different mattresses and pillows to decide which one is ideal for your body structure.

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